The Lucky Creek Casino glossary section is a comprehensive compilation of gambling-related terms and jargon that aims to provide players with a clear understanding of casino terminologies. It is an indispensable resource for both new and seasoned players who want to enhance their knowledge of casino gaming.

In the glossary section, players can expect to find definitions and explanations for various terms used in different casino games, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and more. The glossary covers a wide range of concepts, including specific game rules, betting options, winning combinations, and casino etiquette.

For example, players new to the world of slots can refer to the glossary to understand terms like paylines, wild symbols, scatters, multipliers, and bonus rounds. Similarly, those interested in blackjack can learn About Lucky Creek Casino terms such as splitting, doubling down, insurance, and surrender.

The glossary not only defines the terms but also provides easy-to-understand explanations, ensuring that players can grasp the concept fully. This can be particularly beneficial for players who are trying their hand at a new game and want to familiarize themselves with its unique terminology.

Moreover, the glossary section is regularly updated with new terms and phrases, ensuring that players stay up-to-date with the latest casino lingo. This ongoing maintenance reflects Lucky Creek Casino’s commitment to providing players with comprehensive and relevant information.

Overall, Lucky Creek Casino’s glossary section serves as a handy reference guide for players seeking clarity and understanding in the complex world of casino gaming. By using this section, players can expand their knowledge, improve their gameplay strategies, and ultimately enhance their overall casino experience.

Online Casino Terminologies

243 Ways to Win

A term used to describe a gameplay mechanic commonly found in slot machines and video slot games where players have 243 different ways to create winning combinations.


The total amount of money that is wagered by either the player or other players at the table.

Active Payline

Refers to the specific line or combination of symbols on a slot machine or video slot game that can result in a winning outcome.


Automatic Card Shuffler, a device used in casinos to shuffle playing cards.


Additional chips that players can purchase during a tournament to increase their bankroll.


Refers to businesses that refer customers to other businesses and earn revenue through these referrals.

Aggregate Limit

The maximum amount that a casino is willing to pay out in a single hand.


When a player in a game of poker places all of their remaining chips into the pot.


A required bet that players must make before the start of a hand or round in certain casino games.


A term used to describe a player who possesses exceptional skills in throwing dice.


A popular casino game that involves comparing the values of two hands to determine the winner.


The amount of money that a player has available for placing bets.


An alternative term for the house or dealer in a casino game.


The total amount of money that a player has set aside for gambling purposes.


Refers to players whose account or IP address has been banned by the online casino.


A player who conceals the identity of another player.


A dispute between a casino and a player.

Beginner’s Luck

When a new player experiences unexpected success due to luck rather than skill.

Bet Max

The action of placing the maximum number of coins on a bet for all active paylines with a single click.

Bet Min

The action of automatically setting the bet to the minimum possible amount with a single click.

Betting Limits

The minimum and maximum amounts that players can wager in a game.


A popular card game in which players try to achieve a hand value of 21 without exceeding it.

Blind Bet

A bet that is made before the cards are dealt in a casino game.


Forced bets that players are required to make in certain casino games.


Money or rewards given by online casinos to players who meet specific requirements.

Break-Even Point

When a player wins an amount equal to their original wager.

Breaking the Bank

Winning a large amount of money in a casino game.


A variation of poker played against casinos using three cards.


In poker, a wild card that can only be used to create flushes and straights.


Exchanging cash for casino chips.


A secure area in a casino where large amounts of money are stored.


When a player accepts the current wager set by previous players before passing the action to the next player.


When players try to conceal their hands, playing style, or identity.


A form of cheating that involves adding or removing chips from bets after the outcome has been declared.

Card Counting

A strategy used in blackjack to keep track of the cards that have been dealt.

Card Sharp

A person skilled in playing card games.

Card Washing

A card shuffling technique commonly used by dealers.

Caribbean Stud Poker

A casino table game based on five-card stud poker.

Cascading/Collapsing Reels

A bonus feature in slot machines where winning combinations cause the symbols to disappear and new ones to fall into place.


When players receive a refund for a losing bet.


The withdrawal of money from an online casino.

Casino Advantage

The mathematical advantage that online casinos have over players, also known as the house edge.

Casino Rewards

Additional bonuses or prizes earned by players in a casino.

Casino Tournament

Competitions held within a casino.


When a player continues gambling in hopes of recovering from previous losses.


Tokens used in casinos as a form of currency.

Classic Slots

A term used to describe a specific type of slot machines and video slots.


A person who bets on the same number as a winning player.


Another form of currency used in online casinos.


Refers to a period of time when players are experiencing a losing streak.

Colouring Up

The exchange of smaller valued chip denominations for higher value chips.

Comp Points

Reward points earned by players that can be exchanged for chips or other prizes.

Cracking the Nut

Refers to players who earn enough money to cover their expenses and make a profit.

Lucky Creek Casino Craps

A popular casino game played with dice.


When dealers engage in conversations unrelated to the game in front of the players.

Card Shark

A person skilled in playing card games.

Chip Tray

A tray used by the dealer to hold house chips.


Tokens used in casinos to represent cash.

Color Up

The action of exchanging small denomination chips for larger ones.

Comp Points

Reward points earned by players that can be exchanged for chips or other prizes.


A French term used to describe a casino dealer.

D’Alembert Betting System

A betting system created by Jean Le Rond D’Alembert in the 18th century that aims to create a profitable system for online casino players.


The action of distributing cards in card Lucky Creek Casino Games.


The unit of currency used for bets in both online and land-based casinos.

Dime Bet

A $1000 wager in a game of Poker.

Double or Nothing

Placing a wager that is double the previous amount in order to break even.

Doubling Up – Martingale System

One of the oldest and well-known gambling systems in which the player doubles their bet after every loss.

Down to the Felt

When a player is completely out of money.


In Blackjack, it refers to the act of requesting additional cards.


Surrendering a hand and keeping half of the initial bet.


The person responsible for handling and distributing cards in casino games.

Degenerate Gambler

A person who excessively and frequently engages in gambling.


Adding funds to an online casino account.


A collection of playing cards used in online casino games.


The number “two” in an online casino game.


The advantage held by the casino in casino games.

En Plein

Placing a bet on a single number in Lucky Creek Casino Roulette.

En Prison Rule

A Roulette rule that allows players to keep half of their bet when the ball lands on zero.

End-of-the-Day Betting Effect

Referring to the behavior of players as they approach the end of a gaming session.

Eye in the Sky

Overhead cameras used in casinos to monitor gaming tables.

Expanding Wilds

Bonus features in video slot games and slot machines.

Face Cards

Specific cards in a deck, including king, queen, and jack.


A device used in Roulette games.

Fifth Street

A specific stage in one round of Poker.


Placing big bets continuously.


Players who lose frequently.

Flat Betting

Betting the same amount on each hand.

Flash Casino

An online casino where players can play games directly through their browser using Flash technology.


A term used to describe the most irritating person at a casino table.


The first three community cards dealt in a game of Poker.

Fourth Street

A specific stage in one round of Poker.


Forfeiting a hand in online casino games.

Lucky Creek Casino Free spins

Bonus features in video slot games and slot machines.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The false belief that the outcome of a random event is affected by previous events.

Gambler’s Ruin

A gambling strategy that can bankrupt a player.


A person who tips generously at a casino.


Slang for bribes in a casino.


Wagering small amounts to slowly accumulate profits.


In Lucky Creek Casino Blackjack, asking for an additional card.

Hole Card

The face-down card received by the dealer.

Honeymoon Period

The winning streak of new casino players.


Referring to players who are on a winning streak.


The cards held by players during casino games.

Hard Count

Counting and verifying winnings under security cameras.

High Roller

A player who wagers large amounts of money.


Another term for a casino.

House Edge

The advantage the casino has over players in casino games.

House Rules

Rules specific to a particular casino.

Inside Bet

A bet placed on a single number in Roulette.

Insurance Bet

A side bet in Blackjack.


Side bets in Blackjack.

Irregular Playing Patterns

Behavior closely associated with online casino bonuses.


The largest prize offered in a casino game.

Jacks or Better

A popular variation of Lucky Creek Casino Video Poker.


Slang for the fees charged by casinos or bookmakers.


Complimentary travel trips offered to loyal casino players.


The highest card in a player’s hand that isn’t part of a winning combination.


The maximum and minimum amounts that can be bet in a casino game.


A person overseeing a Baccarat game in a brick and mortar casino.

Lay the Odds

Betting less than the amount wagered in expectation of winning a smaller amount.


The surface of a gaming table where players place their bets.


The section of an online casino where all the games are available.

Locals Casino

A casino that caters to local players, as opposed to tourists.

Low Poker

A variation of Poker.

Low Roller

The opposite of a high roller, referring to a player who bets small amounts.

Loyalty Scheme

Programs offered by casinos to reward players for their wagering activities.

Live Dealer Games

Online casino games played against real dealers via live video streaming.


When a player requests checks or credit to continue playing in a casino.


A skilled dealer proficient in handling cards.


A game mechanic that multiplies payouts in casinos.


Most Valuable Guest, a term used to refer to VIP players.

Mobile Slots

Video slot games that can be played on handheld devices.

Maximum Bet

The highest amount that can be wagered in a casino game.

Minimum Bet

The lowest amount that can be wagered in a casino game.

Multi-Hand Games

Casino games where players can play multiple hands at once.

Multiplayer Games

Online games where players can play with multiple other real players.


When a player has the best possible hand.

Net Winnings

The total winnings after deducting the initial stake.

Non-Negotiable Chips

Chips that cannot be exchanged for real money, usually used for Lucky Creek Casino Promotions.


The general cost of running a casino.

Non-Sticky Bonus

Bonuses that can be withdrawn after meeting certain requirements.

Net Winnings

The winnings after deducting the initial stake.


The chances of winning or the ratio of probabilities.

Online Casino Games

The games available at online casinos.


The first player to place a bet in a Poker game.

Outside Bet

Bets placed in Roulette that are outside the main number grid.


Odds that are more advantageous to players than the house.


Face cards, including king, queen, and jack.


A tool used by dealers in Baccarat games.


A betting system used by Roulette players.


Forfeiting a hand or round and not continuing to play.


An unbusted hand with a total of at least 17 points.


A combination of symbols that results in a win.


The total amount of money received by the player after placing bets.


A menu in slot machines and video slots that shows the payouts for each bet.


An unknowledgeable and naive casino player.

Pit Manager

The person who oversees multiple casino tables.


A designated area in a casino specifically for casino games.


A group of cards separated by a cut card in the deck.

Pocket Cards

The cards dealt face down to players.


The total amount of money placed in the middle of the table in a casino game.

Progressive Slot

A type of video slot game with a continually increasing jackpot.

Punto Banco

A variation of the Baccarat casino game.

Provably Fair

An algorithm used to prove the fairness of online casino games.

Payout Percentage

The approximate percentage of overall bets that a casino pays out over time.

Payout Table

A table showing the payouts for each bet in table games.


Dealing a certain percentage of the deck before shuffling.

Phantom Bonus

A bonus that is removed from a player’s account during cash-out.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot that increases over time.


A term used to describe anything that comes in sets of four.


The requirements that players need to meet in order to place bets during a hand.


Counterfeit money in an online casino.


A combination of a racetrack and casino.


A tray used to hold chips, coins, and tokens.


The fee charged by casinos for playing.

Rapid Roulette

A variation of the Roulette casino game.


The process by which casinos rate players.


The option to buy more chips during a casino game.


Random Number Generator, a system used to ensure fairness in online casino games.


A casino game in which players bet on the outcome of

Reload Bonus

When an existing customer makes a new deposit at online casinos, reload bonuses are offered to them.


The horizontal columns which are a crucial part of the slot games are called reels.


It denotes certain complimentary rewards received by the VIP players in casinos.


Last community card with which the dealer deals is termed as river.

Royal Flush

If there are no wild cards, the best possible combination of hands received by players is termed as royal flush.


RNG is a random number generator which is a software algorithm used for generating random outcomes.


Roulette is a popular online casino game in which players place bets on various conditions such as single number, odd/even number, colors, etc.


It refers to players who are being paid for playing.


A board or card containing the bingo numbers is called a shutter.

Shuffle Tracking

It denotes a technique of card counting.


It denotes a small device or mirror for reflecting light and revealing the cards which are unexposed.

Silver Mining

When players keep walking through one slot machine to other for finding coins in the slot machines that are unattended.

Sixth Street

Betting's fourth stage is called Sixth street by the players.


The act of stealing money is termed as skimming.


It denotes money in the casinos.

Lucky Creek Casino Slots

It is a popular online casino game.


A winning streak is often denoted by the term spinner.


Shoe is a box through which dealing of cards is done in casinos.

Sign-Up Bonus

As new customers join, online casinos offer them certain bonuses known as Lucky Creek Casino Sign up bonuses.


Stake is the total amount that is wagered on a casino game's outcome.

Sticky Bonus

Sticky bonus does not get withdrawn and stays stuck to the account of players until it is lost.


It denotes a person who stands behind the dealer and peeks into hole cards.

Sticky Stacked Wilds

Bonus features in the slot games are termed as stacked wilds.

Standing Hand

These sum of cards indicate that players or dealers should stop hitting.

Sticky Wilds

They do not differ much from the wild symbols but only difference is that sticky wilds remain stuck to playing grids.


It denotes multiple kinds of casino playing cards.


It denotes kinds of bets in Blackjack variations and Roulette games.


It refers to the rules set for forming betting strategy.

Table Hold

In a single table game, money that is made during an 8 hour long shift is denoted by the term table hold.

Table Limit

It denotes bet limits in the Lucky Creek Casino Table Games of casinos.

Table Stakes

It is a rule in casinos which states that players are not permitted to remove or add chips at the time of play from the active hands.


It denotes the subtle signs of quirks exhibited by a dealer or a player.

Third Street

The first betting round of Seven Stud Poker is termed a third street.

Three of a Kind

It denotes a hand with three cards having the equal rank.

Tap Out

When the entire bankroll is lost by the player, it is called tap out.

Time Cut

The money that a casino charges from the players to play in their poker rooms is called time cut.


A hand having three cards which are of the same rank is referred to as trips.


Box that is used for tipping dealers by the players during casino table games.


It is gambling game that is centuries old.


The way in which a player plays the hand when the hand is strong and there are greater winning chances is termed as underplay.


The smallest amount used for making bets in an online casino is referred to as a unit.

Up Card

Face-up cards of dealers are referred to as Up cards.


The commission or fees that is taken by a house is referred to as vigorish.

Viking Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker, a variation of Poker game is often referred to as Viking Poker.


Players with high value, getting special treatments are termed as VIP.


The bets made in land-based and online casinos are termed as wagers.

Wagering Requirements

For releasing a Lucky Creek Casino Bonus for withdrawing or earning a bonus in online casinos, a certain amount of money must be wagered. It is termed as wagering requirements.

Welcome Bonus

New customers are welcomed with certain bonuses in online casinos that are termed as welcome bonuses.


It denotes the actions which are in practice of the croupiers.

Web Wallet

It denotes the online wallets in casinos.


A player with high value, playing for the big stakes is termed a whale.

Wild Symbols

Slot machine games and video slots have special symbols that are termed as wild symbols.


The process through which players can cash in their chips at the cage whenever they want is termed as withdrawal.